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Setting New Standards in Education as of September 2018



Message From Our Principal - Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej

Message From Our Principal

Michael D. Popinchalk

Welcome to Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej (AMK) and thank you for your interest in this new school community. I began my work as an international educator and learning leader in 1977. My career has allowed me to work in eight different nations on five different continents. It has also allowed me to raise a family in diverse cultural settings.   Read More


Latest News - Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej

حفل رأس السنة الهجرية 1440


في مِثلِ هذِهِ الأَيام تَغيّر مَجرى التاريخِ بِهِجرةِ نَبيّ الإسلامِ "محمد" صلّى الله عليه وسلم إلى ال... Read More

Books and Uniform Delivery


Books and Uniform delivery will start on Sunday, August 26 (including Saturday September 1st), from 8 am until 2 pm. We can’t wait to start our journey with you! ... Read More

First Day of School


First Day of School will be Sunday, September 02, 2018.  We wish you a happy and healthy new academic year. ... Read More

Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej – Registration opens


We are happy to share the announcement of the official launch of our Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej with you. Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej will be opening its doors to our students in September 2018. Regis... Read More

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