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Flag Day


UAE flag is a symbol of national pride and happiness as it brings everyone together in a celebration of our unity. Flag Day 2017 was a wonderful opportunity for students to reflect on national valu... Read More

Parents Orientation, Grade 1-2-3-4


On Wednesday, September 20, the parents of students in Grades 1, 2 , 3 and 4 were invited to school to share Al Mawakeb mission and core values. It was helpful and engaging as parents were able to ... Read More

Ozone Day, Grade 1-2-3


On Tuesday, September 19, Grades 1, 2 and 3 celebrated Ozone Day. All students arrived to school dressed in white t-shirts to symbolize their support to save the ozone. Save Nature, Make a Future... Read More

World Heart Day Awareness, Grade 5-8 Boys


World Heart Day is biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD). Passionately, on this World Heart Day, our life-long learners wanted everyone to understand what they c... Read More

International Ozone Day


Students were enthusiastically involved in several educational activities to mark this important day. Some gave presentations while others engaged in debates regarding ozone preservation. Students ... Read More

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