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At Al Mawakeb, we strive to maintain a wholesome and comfortable environment in which students are able to maximize on their talents and potential.

We take pride in the belief that a well-rounded education coupled with the various extra-curricular activities offers the students a chance for more character development and more personal involvement with their school and its faculty.

Terms & Exams
There are two semesters in the Academic Year. Each semester is approximately 17 weeks. Semester one and two are followed by semester exams. The students’ cumulative average from all semesters and exams determines the final average per subject.
In the beginning of the year, students are given clear instruction from their teachers on the criteria in which their work will be evaluated. In addition, students sit for various International Standardized Exams throughout the academic year (MAP, CAT4, IELTS/TOEFL, PSAT, SAT, TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA...).