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We continue to collaborate with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to spread ‎awareness about Monkeypox disease, modes of transmission, prevention, signs and symptoms, ‎and treatment.‎ Kindly discuss... Read More

Oral health is essential!


We work hand in hand with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to spread awareness on important ‎health factors for a better quality of life. Oral health is a key indicator of overall health & ‎well-being... Read More

خليفة بن زايد آل نهيان في ذمة الله


ويرحلُ الكبارُ جسدًا أمّا مآثرُهم فتبقى فعلًا خالدًا في حياةِ أجيالٍ وُلدتْ وأجيالٍ لم تولدْ بعد خليفة بن زا... Read More

Happy National Day


Today, we celebrated a nation that has accomplished so much in so little time. Today, Emiratis and the diverse nationalities at Al Mawakeb proudly joined hands and voices to celebrate a country like n... Read More

Ozone Day


“Ozone layer acts like a blanket as a natural filter absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays and protecting the living beings.” Our students presented, reflected, and discussed the importance of th... Read More

Message from the principal

Mr. Moussa Chahbaz

Our Dear Parents,
I have been part of Al Mawakeb family for the past 26 years as a teacher, head of section and as a Principal. Over all these years, I have learned the importance of each role and am honored to be part of a community where parents, students, and staff share common values and work together to nurture caring and happy learners..   Read More




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