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AMB Torch


Torch is the official student-run online magazine for Al Mawakeb. The magazine is designed, managed, and populated by students and provides them with an outlet for their creativity and a platform t... Read More

Healthy Food


5-2-1-0 helps you remember to eat healthy, limit screen time, get physical activity and exercise, and avoid sugary drinks. for a healthier community, parents join us instill healthy eating habits i... Read More



We will work together to stop cuberbullying, spread online awareness and convey a message of tolerance, happiness and positivity for a better digital tomororw. Watch this video with your childr... Read More

Rochester Institute of Technology's 9th annual Engineering Competition


Our students participated in the Rochester Institute of Technology's 9th annual engineering competition and showed their excellence in managing projects of the future. Al Mawakeb School'... Read More

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation Visit


Our Grade 11 girls had the chance to be visited by a team from Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, FANR. The visiting team shared with our students valuable information about the highest inte... Read More

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