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Digital Credentials Launched


Today, we are proud to announce that AMSI Schools, Al Mawakeb and ISAS, are the first K-12 schools in the world to launch digital academic records for our students and graduates on the Blockchain. ... Read More

Monday is a regular school day - Tuesday is OFF


As per our communication with the KHDA, we would like to bring to your attention the following: Tomorrow, Monday, February 4th, 2019 is a regular school day for all students. School will be... Read More

AMB Torch


Torch is the official student-run online magazine for Al Mawakeb. The magazine is designed, managed, and populated by students and provides them with an outlet for their creativity and a platform t... Read More

Healthy Food


5-2-1-0 helps you remember to eat healthy, limit screen time, get physical activity and exercise, and avoid sugary drinks. for a healthier community, parents join us instill healthy eating habits i... Read More



We will work together to stop cuberbullying, spread online awareness and convey a message of tolerance, happiness and positivity for a better digital tomororw. Watch this video with your childr... Read More

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