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Anytime, Anywere Access | Enhances User Experience | Effective Channel of Communication.


About the School Portal

Provides parents and students with a variety of online services that enhance learning and offer an effective channel of communication between them and the school.

Access your School Portal

Users login with your username & password provided by the school to access the host of services available on the School Portal.

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A system where n4B students &staff members can submit & track their IT support requests.

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Online Lessons

Students and parents can review the class lessons, never having to miss a lesson again.

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Time Table

An online copy of the student's timetable.

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Photo Gallery

Pictures of all school activities which take place during the year.

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Provides detailed information on the family's statement of account.

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Online surveys to help the school improve and enhance its services.

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Every student is given a designated school email account to communicate with their teachers in a controlled environment.

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Bus Tracking

Allows parents to track the location of the bus.

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Students study Computer Science and other subjects through our award winning program Learn-Online.

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Report Card

An online copy of the report card.

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KG Cam 

Parents of KG students can watch a live broadcast, as per a set schedule, of the children while in the classroom.

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Calendar / Agenda

Provides a dynamic copy of classwork, homework, quizzes and weekly planners.

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ICT Reports

Offers a summary report of ICT courses and certificates taken to date.

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Exam Schedule

Provides an online exam schedule and study requirements.

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Provides up-to-date information about activities, events, and general announcements directly to your personal email address.


School Portal

It is an online gateway for parents, students and staff and a host to many services that enhance the learning process and the communication stream. The services include an online calendar, a digital report card, a bus tracking system, and many more.

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iCampus Mobile App

It allows parents and students to stay connected, informed, and up to date on important tasks and events with just a click. It brings the same services as the school portal to the palm of your hand.

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Notebooks for Books (N4B)

The high school classrooms are restructured to allow the use of notebook computers to replace the traditional book. Every grade 11 and 12 student now carries a notebook computer that is fully loaded with data specified by their curriculum and level.

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Learn Online

Learn-Online is AMSI's robust eLearning platform. Faculty and students use it to teach and learn in and outside the school. The idea behind Learn-online is to give educators the best possible tools for managing online courses and learning materials.

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