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Curriculum Statement

Al Mawakeb strives to offer a comprehensive, relevant, integrated, and balanced curriculum based on the Massachusetts State Standards and UAE Ministry of Education. The Al Mawakeb curriculum is unique and reflects our vision, mission, and our commitment to personal development and academic excellence. The structure and content cater for the cultural and social sensitivities of the complex demographic population of our schools. It is a language-rich, student-centered, skills-driven and outcomes-focused curriculum intended to promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, independent thinking, and lifelong learning.

Curriculum Rationale

Our curriculum is structured to integrate the school core values, the UAE curricula (Arabic, Islamic Education, Social Studies, & Moral Education), as well as Islamic values and the UAE culture into the American curriculum. Our Science, Mathematics, and English curricula are based on Massachusetts NGSS, Massachusetts CCSSM, and Massachusetts CCSSE, respectively, while other disciplines are aligned with other Massachusetts State Standards. Through this approach, we aim to provide a framework that enables the school to serve its diverse and complex population while also embracing the UAE National Agenda.

The curriculum mapping design ensures that students develop a set of competencies, skills, qualities, and understanding through a broad range of compulsory subjects. Information & Communications Technology (ICT) is embedded as a tool to enhance the curriculum and spans across almost all levels with a clear vision that all students will learn effectively, progress academically, and develop technology and media literacy efficiently. All curricula are carefully crafted to ensure that students will be able to master the fundamentals to be promoted to the next academic level. In order to sustain first-rate curriculum design, AMSI and each school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) monitor the quality, delivery, and performance standards through an in-depth, research-based, and ongoing process of evaluation and improvement.

Our program (with three languages from K-12) enables the students to develop their language skills and reading literacy from an early age because:

  1. In KG, French is emphasized and a strong foundation is laid.
  2. From KG, the curriculum is delivered in English as the language of instruction.
  3. Students receive differentiated Arabic and French lessons across the school.
  4. Social Studies and Islamic Education are taught in English and Arabic.
  5. Students are routinely engaged in various activities that promote reading habits.

We strive to provide extensive learning opportunities to our students, so we also offer a wide range of Elective Courses to inspire and cultivate the skills, interests, and personal goals of our High School students.

A variety of academic support programs, curriculum modifications, and intervention strategies enable the teachers and other learning support staff to fulfill the school’s mission of addressing, supporting, and identifying the special educational needs, including the gifts and talents of our students through a flexible admissions policy and commitment to inclusion.

Co/Extracurricular activities are designed and implemented across all grade levels to further enhance the learning process, foster holistic learning, emphasize on 21st-century skills, promote enterprise and entrepreneurship, develop innovation and creativity skills, uphold social responsibility, and reinforce our students’ ability to make real-life connections and applications.

The student-centered approach with interdisciplinary and differentiated teaching and learning enables students to develop their full potential. As a result of the range, diversity, and progression of our rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, our students secure admissions to any universities they aspire to join, both locally and internationally. This progression ensures that our students will continue their academic progress and personal development beyond school and succeed in a range of career pathways and future endeavors.