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  • A portal to Blended Learning.
  • Safe & Fun to use.
  • Empower innovative use of ICT in the academic delivery.
  • Access to approved digital learning resources over the internet at any time.
  • Direct communication between teachers and students in a moderate environment.
  • Engaging measurable learning experience.
  • Simple to learn and use.
  • Clear and easy interface.





Learning Outcomes

Assess individual progress.


Learning Path

Structure the learning pages to facilitate personalised learning.



Customise the learning goals for goal orientated work.


Grade Report

Review student results, grades and progress in a single place..



Evaluate, grade & provide feedback on student submitted assignments.



Create Quizzes with advanced options for format and design.


Question Bank

Build a database of quiz questions.


Plagiarism Detection

Check for plagiarism in all submitted files.


School Portal

It is an online gateway for parents, students and staff and a host to many services that enhance the learning process and the communication stream. The services include an online calendar, a digital report card, a bus tracking system, and many more.

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iCampus Mobile App

It allows parents and students to stay connected, informed, and up to date on important tasks and events with just a click. It brings the same services as the school portal to the palm of your hand.

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Notebooks for Books (N4B)

The high school classrooms are restructured to allow the use of notebook computers to replace the traditional book. Every grade 11 and 12 student now carries a notebook computer that is fully loaded with data specified by their curriculum and level.

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Learn Online

Learn-Online is AMSI's robust eLearning platform. Faculty and students use it to teach and learn in and outside the school. The idea behind Learn-online is to give educators the best possible tools for managing online courses and learning materials.

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