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Dubai Fitness Challenge


"Our students accepted the Dubai Fitness Challenge... Their challenge was not about being better than someone else; it was about becoming better than they used to be. Their biggest reward is t... Read More

The Solution is Less Pollution


"The Solution is Less Pollution " musical:  In cooperation with our creative seniors, and titled "The Solution is Less Pollution",  Middle school students perform ... Read More

Visit to Elderly Center


Our young graders had the privelege to spend a day with the elders at the Senior's Happiness center. They played, colored and competed with them .The visit was full of smiles, giggles and lots ... Read More



The American University of Sharjah Model Congress (AUSMC) is a simulation of the United States Congress.  Our delegates, or senators,  35 students (21 girls - 14 boys), work within a ... Read More

No After School Activities


All after school Activities will stop today due to the weather condition. ... Read More

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