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EXPO 2020, January Dare


Selected students from grade12 write individual  letters, to convince random international students to visit Expo 2020 Dubai. They mention main reasons why the whole world should visit the... Read More

Inter-class Grade 8


Leadership, excellence, and commitment are our students' core values that they demonstrate in every behavior. In sports, they "win with pride, lose with dignity, and learn from both".... Read More

SAVE campaign


Our G. 5-12 students take on the responsibility to spread awareness on bullying, and serious global and environmental issues. While managing  several stations, they work hard to engage their c... Read More

When Our Motherland Talks


  From Saruq Al Hadid to AMG… Our G5 students have set out on an archaeological quest to learn more about the history of the people who lived on this land more than 3,000 years ago.... Read More

Recycle & Innovate


Parents were invited to join their kids on the " Recycle & Innovte" event. They used recycling material to create their innovative projects  Parents were invited to join ... Read More

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