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Breast Cancer Awareness-Girls


On Pink Day, the girls shared pink flowers, ribbons, and treats. Then they spent times outside during the Breast Cancer campaign engaging in creative activities, games, riddles, and dances. They made ... Read More

French activity


Our girls enjoyed a very competitive fun French activity. Students performed plays and dances, recited poems, and answered triggering questions to gain points. Everyone was a winner "Toutes des Champ... Read More

Flag Day-Boys


Our Boys’ Section students and staff reaffirmed their allegiance to the UAE flag as a symbol of unity and pride. They expressed their gratitude and loyalty to the UAE and its leaders through various... Read More

1st conference of Model of Federal National Council(MFNC)


 Our young citizens and future leaders of the MFNC set out on a new journey. In their 1st conference, the issue of lack  of sleep was raised by the members and solutions were suggested.    ... Read More

يوم العلم


لعلمِ الوطن توجهت أبصارهم... وبعزّته وعلوّه ورفعة مكانته تعلّقت آمالهم  أبناؤنا يحتفون بعلم الوطن في عيده وير... Read More

Message from the principal

Mr. Omar Hatoum


Dear Al Mawakeb Al Garhoud parents, students, and staff,

Welcome Back! To our new members who joined us this year, I welcome you to our family. I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you are prepared for the start of this new and promising academic year. I am so delighted that you are part of our remarkable learning community… a community I have had the privilege to be a part of for the past twenty-nine years, fifteen of which I have spent leading the school...   Read More




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