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Message From Our Principal - Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej

Message From Our Principal

Michael D. Popinchalk

Welcome to Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej (AMK) and thank you for your interest in this new school community. I began my work as an international educator and learning leader in 1977. My career has allowed me to work in eight different nations on five different continents. It has also allowed me to raise a family in diverse cultural settings.   Read More


Latest News - Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej

وثيقة المليون متسامح


استجابة لتوجيهات القيادة الرّشيدة في تحقيق القيمة الفعليّة للمسؤوليّة المجتمعيّة لعام التسامح 2019، لنشارك ... Read More

Covenant for Million Tolerant

29-09-2019 tolerance.JPG" style="width: 75px; height: 75px; float: left; margin: 10px;" />   Scan the QR code to access the Covenant page or visit www.toleran... Read More

Watch the launch of the 1st Emirati astronaut


On Wednesday, 25 September 2019, at 5:56pm the first Emirati astronaut Hazzaa AlMansoori will be launched on board the Soyuz Launch Vehicle, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome Space Center in Kazakhstan,... Read More

رسالة الموسم الجديد


مع بداية موسم جديد للعمل والإنجاز، وجه سمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم، نائب رئيس الدولة رئيس مجلس الوزراء ح... Read More

First Day of School


Sunday, September 1st, 2019 is the tentative first day of school for all students unless it is announced as a holiday for Ra’s al-Sanah al-Hijriyah by official sources. In that case, we will ... Read More

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