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  1. 01All new students from PRE-KG onwards, must sit for an assessment & an interview.
  2. 02Application and processing fee of 525 AED (inclusive of VAT) per student is:
    • refundable if the school does not offer the student a place
    • non-refundable if the school offers the student a place but the student chooses not to take it
    • not deductible from the total tuition fees to be paid if the student is offered and accepts a place.
  3. 03The results of the assessment and interview will not be disclosed until all documents have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
  4. 04All parents must proceed to the Registration/Accounts Department in school to complete the registration pro-cedures, student information and payment.
  5. 05Parents must sign and approve the recommendations after the entrance assessment (including Special and Aca-demic Support classes).
  6. 06Registration will be cancelled if a student fails to attend the school for a period of 3 consecutive weeks of the academic year without prior written notice.
  7. 07Registration for any class is not final until all the proper documentation is available with the administration, the annual tuition fees settled in full as per the procedure for the settlement of school fees (on page 4), the signing of the KHDA parent contract and after the approval of the relevant authority.
  8. 08New Students applying from outside Dubai: Legalized transfer papers must be submitted before joining the school.
  9. 09Students from Grade 10 onwards must submit a passport copy with residence visa valid for at least 6 months and the original Emirates ID.
  10. 10I understand that the school may take videos and/or photographs of my child(ren) and may use them in the school’s printed publications, as well as on the website or social media platforms.