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Al Mawakeb offers a host of online services that open a direct link between parents, students, teachers and the school administration. We are using various technologies, beyond the traditional formats, to communicate in a time-efficient way with our community.

School Portal

It is an online gateway for parents, students and staff and a host to many services that enhance the learning process and the communication stream. The services include an online calendar, a digital report card, a bus tracking system, and many more.

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iCampus Mobile App

It allows parents and students to stay connected, informed, and up to date on important tasks and events with just a click. It brings the same services as the school portal to the palm of your hand.

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Notebooks for Books (N4B)

The high school classrooms are restructured to allow the use of notebook computers to replace the traditional book. Every grade 11 and 12 student now carries a notebook computer that is fully loaded with data specified by their curriculum and level.

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Learn Online

Learn-Online is AMSI's robust eLearning platform. Faculty and students use it to teach and learn in and outside the school. The idea behind Learn-online is to give educators the best possible tools for managing online courses and learning materials.

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