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We take pride in the belief that a well-rounded education coupled with various activities offer the students a chance for more personal involvement with their school and its faculty. Students often realize their potential in extra-curricular activities and their interaction with others in non-academic forums allows them the chance for self-fulfillment.

At Al Mawakeb, we strive to create these opportunities for our students and watch them grow into responsible young adults who will give back to their communities. There are many clubs for the students to join. These clubs aim at enriching their experiences and enhancing any talents they may have as well as helping them discover new ones. Some of these activities include Scouts, Student Council, Drama, Folklore, Art, Varsity Sports, Broadcast Station, Piano, Computer Club, Photography Club, Committé de Français, The Science Club, The Math Club, Astronomy Club, Earth Calling Out (Environment Club), Robotics, The Business Club, The Humanitarian Club and so much more.

In addition to regular physical education classes, the school extends its sports activities to involve varsity teams for girls and boys. Practice is after school hours. Varsity teams include basketball, volleyball, track and field, table tennis and football. All clubs are under direct staff supervision and guidance by our staff and teachers. Most of the club meetings take place after school hours.