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  1. 01Registration for all transport services will be suspended one week before and after the start of the academic year, and will resume later pending availability.
  2. 02In case of address change, an advance notice and map are required three working days ahead, before we can reinstitute the transport service and only if the new location is on designated routes.
  3. 03The administration reserves the right to suspend/deny any student the use of the transportation service if he/she does not abide by the set rules and regulations. The students will be responsible for any damage done to the transportation busses.
  4. 04The administration reserves the right to revoke the seat allocated to the student(s) at registration once the bus route is confirmed.
One Way to School AED 8,200.00
One Way from School AED 8,200.00
Two Way AED 9,200.00
Express Shuttle from School to anywhere in Dubai AED 12,500.00
Express Shuttle two way to anywhere in Dubai AED 13,500.00

For further information or queries please contact our Transportation Department.